My favourite red dress!

Hi, everyone! welcome back. So today I wanted to share with you this beautiful dress; which happens to be my all time favourite at the moment. I am normally a girl who always wears black, but I have decided from now on to wear more colour. I chose red because it really brings colour into my skin; rather than making me look like a complete milk bottle - which is not a look I want to aim for.  I wore this dress to my end of year college awards. I know this dress is going to get a lot of use because it's beautiful. The detail is what stood out to me the most - with the ruffles and asymmetric design. It really perks up a boring dress!

I bought this dress from - which happens to be my all time favourite online shop. I always go to Boohoo when I need an outfit fast, as they always offer cheap next day delivery which is very handy!

What do you think to this dress, would you buy it?
Let me know in the comments,