There's a fake tan for everyone - read all about them!

Hello, everybody and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be sharing with you the best-kept secret, us fellow Casper the ghosts love - fake tan. Fake tan is a big thing on the market these days, so being a newbie can be daunting as there's so many. No fear, I am here to break things down for you.

 Mousse tan (from left to right: No7 tan, SugarBaby, and St Moritz). 

No.7 tan - This tan is perfect for newbies, as it is so natural and it's almost impossible for you to streak it. This is one of my favourite mousse tan, as it's so natural and I always receive compliments on it. You also get a good guide colour from this which helps show where you've missed.

SugarBaby tan - I believe, this is an Australian brand. This tan was a lucky find in Tk Maxx which I am very glad I found. This tan is perfect if you're going out somewhere and need a tan quick as it develops within an hour - yes you heard me an hour! This tan also smells so good, which is rare to find as many have an awful smell. 

St Moritz tan - I love this tan because it's very cheap and cheerful -  for 3 pounds you get an amazing tan that rivals high-end ones. This fake tan is very alike to the St Tropez tan. I have used St Tropez but often went back to this one. This tan also gives you a guide colour, like all the others, so no fear of missing any spots or streaking.

Spray on tans - I am not normally a big fan of spray on tans after having huge problems in the past. I gave this one a whirl and I wasn't disappointed; it completely changed my opinion on spray tans. I bought this from a wholesaler as my auntie has a pass. I apply this to a mitt as I get more control with blending and how much product goes onto my skin. This is rather dark, so a little goes a long way I have found. This does last rather long, so I do often go for this if I need a long lasting tan.

Gradual tanners 

Garnier tan - This tan is perfect and it smells like apricots - which is a winner for me of course. After application, you wake up with a natural, subtle summer glow. Apply as many times as you want over a couple of days until you get the desired colour. These tans do last a lot longer than the others I have found and look the most natural. The only downside is you can not see the product so you don't know if you've streaked or missed a spot. This is very moisturising to the skin which is a win, win situation really.

Dove gradual tan - This gradual tan has to be my favourite, it was the first one I used and everyone recommended it to me. It is the same as the Garnier one with the application. I get the shade deep in both, as I am inpatient and want my tan quick!

So, they are all my favourite fake tans. Which one would you use? let me know in the comments.

Until next time,