Thursday, 8 September 2016

Inspirational stories #3

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I am sharing with you another inspirational story, to follow on with my new blog series.  Here is Steven's story about how he overcame tough times and how he got to where he is today!
“My most challenging experience in life has to be the passing of my Nan, unexpectedly a few years ago. "I still feel the emptiness and void to this day. She was like my best pal and not a day went by where I didn’t visit her.“ I was in a very bad place in my personal life before her passing. I had just left and turned my back on a very promising career in football. The root cause was an injury to my knee, which kept me out for over a year. "Depression set in which is a horrible experience for everyone, especially as a young lad. I felt so lost. I was already on the wrong path. "When my Nan passed it totally turned me the opposite way. “With the help of my mother and partner, I started to make something of myself by turning negativity into positivity. 
"I was totally lost in terms of career choices as I played football on a full-time basis. After leaving school everyone was mostly at college gaining apprenticeships or working. "Six years ago my mum got me college forms to fill out and it really made sense to do something I have always been interested in and something that I think I would excel at as a career - personal training. "My advice to anybody finding it difficult to lose weight is simple; nothing comes easy so don’t expect it to be just that. Seek some advice from a professional in the industry who knows what they are doing. "If you hate the gym then don’t sign up and waste your hard earned cash. Buy something worthwhile or take up a physical sport/hobby and also remember to always have fun. "At school I hated learning. Today I love to learn! I like to read up on people’s success stories, whether that’s a rags-to-riches story or fitness and life for inspiration. “Five years time from now, I see myself becoming the person I intend to be - a positive person to everyone around me and progressing with my chosen career, personal training.”
Q: I asked Steven what three adjectives he would use to describe himself.
A: Motivated, grateful and driven.

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