Ten reasons why autumn is the best season!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today's blog post is all autumnal and we all love that right? I am going to share with you ten reasons why I just can't get enough of autumn because personally, it's the bests season ever! So, without further a do here goes...

1. The fashion - I love getting all cozy and warm with scarfs, big fluffy coats and just feeling all warm. I just love the cold breeze and how you can get away with wearing about 5000 layers, but nobody cares because it's cold outside.

2- The beautiful colours - I just love taking endless pictures of the beautiful leaves. I mean they really speak a thousand words and express how beautiful autumn really is. The burnt orange colour is just beautiful and It just instantly has strong connotations of autumn as soon as I see that colour.

3 - The makeup - I am so not alone on this one. I just love watching the autumn makeup tutorials on You Tube. The berry lipstick, burnt orange eyeshadow, oh it's just perfect.

4 - Pumpkin spiced latte - Typical I know to say, but they are so heavenly. I almost lose control when Starbucks announce that they have brought their pumpkin spiced lattes out because they are what dreams are made of, simple.

5 - Halloween - I still kinda like Halloween, not going to lie. Don't worry it's not like I want to go out trick or treating, haha. I just love watching all the Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube and trying to recreate them myself; yes I kind of suck at the recreating bit to be honest but I try. 

6 - The laidbackness - I feel this time is so chilled, everyone is so much laidback. Diets and healthy eating is pretty much none existent and we just indulge on rubbish, because dare I say it... Christmas is lurking.

7 - Hot chocolate - I genuinely enjoy all hot drinks and appreciate them more at this time of year, because you really benefit from them. I stock up on so, so much hot chocolate this time of year.

8 - Christmas isn't far, ah! - Sorry to say it if you're a scrooge, but it's not that far now! Once Halloween is gone I'm not going to lie I start thinking all about Christmas.

9 -Everything is so atmospheric, you just want to take endless pictures of the gorgeous scenery.

10 - Mornings - when the sun finally makes an appearance and it doesn't feel like the night; they feel very golden and lovely. 

So, do you love autumn? Let me know in the comments
Until next time,