New love: Simple BB cream

Hello everyone! welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be sharing with you my new favourite BB cream. I am a big lover of all BB creams and have tried many, but this is a game changer in the BB cream indsutry. I have seen so many claim to blur imperfection and give you that glowy skin you lust after. No joking this is the one that lives up to these expectations. 

This BB cream really blurrs any imperfections but is lightweight at the same time. With it being Simple, you know it's doing your skin some good - with 3 vitimans and 4 skin loving ingredients it's hard not to be pulled into buying it. This product really makes my skin feel very smooth and like it's doing some good.  Other foundations can be quite heavy and make my skin look flakey, which is certainly not appealing.

Simple's description of their BB cream. 

Simple recommend to apply this with your hands, but I applied with my Real Techniques buffing brush and it goes on just great. 

Would you try this product? let me know in the comments.
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