Tattoo discrimination in the work place

Tattoos today are a common thing, we as a nation are growing more fond of them and see them as a way to express our individuality. A big problem circling around, is discrimination with tattoos and in particular in the work place. Many employers are very against tattoos and result in making employers cover them up and in some cases they don't even get the job because of them. Tattoos don't effect people's work ethics, so why should a tattoo ruin a person's chance of getting their desired job?

Some employers see a tattoo as harmful to the workplace, which is discrimination, plain and simple. 'If an employer has a dress code it should be enforced sensibly and apply to all employees, the rules should affect the genders equally also'. (A quote, from Thornton's solicitors). We're in a modern era now, tattoos should be accepted more freely! As long as it's not offensive or obscene, how is it really leaving an impact on the customers? The actual reality is, that the customers don't really care if you have a tattoo or not.
I have been in shops and customers have asked staff members where they got their tattoos done and staff members responses are quite shocked, with them being told to constantly cover them up on shift. Not all work places are the same and some are very open about tattoos in the work place, which is the best motive to have in this modern day. Customers visiting will more than likely have tattoos themselves and if that's the case why would they turn their nose up on somebody else's. Also, to stop discrimination I think tattoos should be considered a positive thing in the work place to make people see them as a common thing, rather than looking down on them as they aren't seen in these environments much.
You also don't know the story behind certain tattoos. The tattoo you're pulling a face at could be something sentimental for a loved one, so the moral is don't judge anybody based on a tattoo.

To get an overall response from all ages and genders. I created a Survey Monkey questionnaire online and shared it on social media for all to answer.
84% said:  "It's wrong we should be allowed to express ourselves." In answer to what do you think of staff being made to cover their tattoos up whilst on shift?
15% agreed that this is the right decision.
In answer to what's your opinions on tattoos in the work place, responses were:
"Don't really think it matters."
"I don't think tattoos matter, it's the person who matters. Alsong as a person hasn't got an offensive tattoo what does it matter?"
"I think we should be allowed to express ourselves no matter where we are. There's nothing wrong with tattoos at all!"
"Always depends on the job you have, I wouldn't like my doctor or solicitor to have one on show."
"They should be aloud they don't affect they way you work."
Overall, 14 agreed that it doesn't effect your work. 1 person said you should cover them no matter what. and  4 people says it depends on the job or tattoo.
Do you think it's wrong that employers turn staff down because of their tattoos?
Yes responses are at 12 out of 15.
No responses are at 3 out of 15.
Have you ever been told at work to cover your tattoo up?
Yes responses at - 15%
No responses at - 36%
I don't have any at - 47%
It's clear that the majority, even ones without tattoos agree that it is discrimination and they are against that in the work place environment.
This was a part of my project at college and I thought it would be interesting to share.
What do you think about tattoos in the work place? Let me know in the comments.
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