The story behind this necklace

Hello everyone welcome back ot my blog. Today I wanted to share the little story behind this necklace, which has become my all time favourite. I received this necklace one birthday from my mum and instantly with the quote it just made me smile. The reason behind this necklace is to be constantly reminded to keep going. Yes, we all face obstacles along the way but they make us stronger. 

I have to admit I can be the type of person to sometimes get a little un-hopeful about things, but this necklace always makes me feel optimisitic. I look at this quote and just think hopeful about the future to keep going and that's something I want to share with everybody. Whether its a career aspiration and people are doubting you; don't let them stop you achieving. Always do whatever makes you happy and you can't go wrong.

We all should have goals in life to live up to, something to keep us going and to look forward to. I say we can all do whatever we want to do in life and nothing is unachieveable, if you put your mind to it. 

Keep going with your goals and dreams, and like the necklace says never give up on them.

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