hair trends: pastel lovin'

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I have rounded up my favourite hair trends - pastel hair trends to be precise. I just love pastel, it's just so gorgeous. I have rounded up my favourite colours from the whole pastel trend, so here goes...

The pastel pink look

I love pastel pink, it's just gorgeous. When Bleach London announced their amazing hair colours I couldn't wait to try this rosé colour. This conditioning dye lasts up to 2 to 10 washes, so no commitment. The greatest part is that this actually conditions your hair, so no dry dull locks. I have actually tried this colour myself, as you can see so I know that it's brilliant!

A drop of lilac...

I haven't tried this dye, well not yet anyway. I have ordered it online and I just can't wait to give it a go. I love the lilac hair trend and I have always been very envious of people with it. Now I have light enough hair, it's time I try it for myself! I will definitely write a post when I get this hair dye, on the results.

Peach lovin'

I have to admit hearing the word peach to describe a hair colour made me a little sceptical, but when I saw the results I just loved it. I don't think it is a hair colour that I could personally pull off but I'm sure others could. I have rounded up some peach hair dyes that seem the best in my opinion. As I have tried these brands in other colours, they are brands I trust. One is even a pre-lightener, so if your hair isn't quite as light this lightens and applies the peach all in one go!

So, which one is your favourite pastel colour? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,