Random act of kindness: Saffron's story

Hello everyone, welcome back. Today I have started my new, exciting blog series. This series will showcase people's stories all about their random acts of kindness. I really do think we should spread kindness in the world and help each other out every once in a while.  To start off the series, Saffron kindly got in contact with me on twitter with her story. 

Saffron actually had a few stories to share with me and I had to include them all, it really shows what a lovely person she is and how we should do the same! The great thing also is that Saffron has stories from both the giving and receiving end, of kindness! 

1. "When I had work experience in London I bought a train pass for the week, on the underground it slipped out of my pocket. Luckily some kind strangers got my attention and returned my ticket." 

2.  "Around the same time of my work experience I was rushing to get the tube and my bag got stuck in the train doors, luckily two kind men helped me haul it through the doors."

3. "I let everyone get on the train before me, a gentleman actually thanked me I had never experienced this before." 

I think these acts of kindness from Saffron's experience (both the giving and receiving end) really restores faith back into humanity! 

If you have a random act of kindness story let me know via email or twitter. (email can be found on the contact page of my blog).

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 Saffron has her own blog which I have left a link for you to view :) Saffron's blog