Sunday, 26 February 2017

Very quick and easy beach waves for short hair!

 Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. So, I guess you kind of know now I have short hair after posting it endlessly on social media and on my blog. I am always playing around with my new hair to see how I can make it look fun and pretty. I love these beachy wayves I created and they are so easy and quick, perfect in the morining am I right? So, I am going to talk you through step-by-step on how to get these waves...

 BRUSH YOUR HAIR! Get rid of all those tangles and knots and make sure your hair is soft to start with.

Here goes, time to power up the hair straightners. Now this may need some preactice but once you've mastered it believe me it's so easy. All you need to do is twist the straightener at the top away from your face, just like the image and then drag it all the way down your hair, ta dah you have a curl. The longer you keep it twisted the tighter the curl.

To make my curls messy I apply dry shampoo. I tip my head upside down and apply it. Then just give your hair a good shake and you're good to go. Easy, right?

What do you think to these waves? let me know in the comments and I will also be making more posts on short hair looks, as it can sometimes be a struggle to style.

Thank you for reading,
Until next time,