Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My first tattoo experience

(excuse the pjs)

Hello everyone, welcome back. So, I am now 18 and to celebrate that I finally got a tattoo. Tattoos are a hot topic, so I thought I would sit down and write all about my experience to give you an insight as it can be a nervous thing for first timers. The first bit of advice and I cannot stress this enough, please go to somebody you have researched into or have been recommended; do not go to somebody just because they're cheap as you know it's for life. 

I will be uploading a whole blog all about my 18th birthday soon including pictures of my day, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

(from my Instagram - laur3nn_x_)

So, I decided I wanted these cute flowers and I wanted them a lovely purple colour. I made sure I knew this is what I wanted, so off I went. I had this done on the morning of my 18th birthday and I was very nervous beforehand. Once the tattooing began, I honestly didn't think the pain was bad at all. Personally, I think piercings are a lot worse. The only thing that stung a little was the biggest flower on the end, but still it was very bareable. 

So, overall I would mark the pain rating a 5 out of ten. It was more of just an annoying scratching and was bareable.

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