Saturday, 18 March 2017

Ted Baker lipstick gift set

 Hello everyone, welcome back. Today I am sharing with you this gem of a lipstick set brought to you by Ted Baker. I never really knew that Ted Baker made makeup, when it comes to Christmas time there's a whole array of Ted Baker makeup; this is when I got this set actually. I am pretty sure you can still buy this set but I have only seen them on Ebay and Amazon. I would suggest being quick if you're thinking of buying one as they're very popular.

So, I have taken close up images of all the lipsticks and even included some swatches for you because I am that kind.

Now, the only thing about these lipsticks is they do not have a name/ shade so I am just going to have to refer to this at the hot pink lipstick. First of all, I was quite scared to wear this when I first saw it, as I am one for more nude colours but as soon as I applied it I felt so glam and I just loved it!
 Here is the swatch, as you can see it is very bright so I would save this for more special events rather than day-to-day.
 You can't go wrong with a classic red lip, am I right? I just love this deep red colour it's beautiful. I have used this several times when I have been somewhere nice and it's really complimented my makeup look, especially when I wear a brown smokey eye.

Here is the swatch, very bright and shows up well I am so impressed with this shade! 

This is such a beautiful day-to-day shade and it's totally my colour. You can never go wrong with a classic nude lip, it just seems to go with every makeup look you can imagine.

Here is the swatch, also you can see these are not matte they are very moisturising but after a while, I have found these look semi matte on the lips. The one thing I mainly love about these lipsticks is that they don't dry out your lips.
Another pink lipstick! but compared to the other one this is a more toned down version. This is a lovely pale pink natural lipstick and I have worn this for casual days and I just love how glowy and natural it makes me look.

 Here is the swatch, a lovely toned down pale pink, very cute indeed!

 When I am going out I love to wear a dark lip. This dark plum lipstick is a knock out; it just looks so fabulous and glam and really makes you stand out. I just love this colour so, so, so much!
 Here is the swatch, for some reason, it is showing quite pink but in real-life it is a very deep plum! 

 Another red, and this time it's a classic red. The other red lipstick was a very deep red, but this is a very classic Hollywood glam red which you just can't go wrong with when you're going somewhere special.

Here, is the last swatch. How beautiful and vibrant does this look!

Which is your favourite lipstick? let me know in the comments.
Until next time,