Mouth watering crepes - Sundaes Gelato Sheffield

Hey, long time no see, right? Well, I am back and I come with a little review of a rather delicious place in my hometown. I went to Sundaes Gelato Saturday and everything looks and sounds delicious, after a good ten minutes going back and forth I finally chose this Nutella cookie crepe. I think the price, £5.95 is pretty reasonable as you get a rather hefty amount! The ice cream along with the crepe was so delicious and I would definitely have this again! I have to admit I am so rubbish when it comes to desserts and I did not finish the dessert -  it was a very poor attempt.

I would say try not to have a big meal before going here an empty stomach is best, as they are rather big portions! I went with a friend to this place and here is what she had, just to show you the different options.

I can't remember the exact name of this but it has strawberries, Nutella, and banana on it as you can see, haha! 

So, I hope you enjoyed me showing you these delicious desserts and maybe you have found somewhere new to visit if you're in Sheffield or visiting. 

Sorry if I made you hungry!

Until next time,