The £5 eyeshadow palette you need in your life!

 Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share my new favourite eyeshadow palette. This eyeshadow palette is by MUA, a makeup line I have tried before and knew their eyeshadows were very good. A year a so ago, I wrote a blog post all about their single £1 eyeshadows which were amazing; the pigmentation was just out of this world for the price.

The palette is a new range introduced by MUA called their pro eyeshadow palette. This palette, in particular, is in the shade fire vixen, perfect for summer and leading up to Autumn time. I see these burnt orange tones really looking gorgeous in Autumn time because those colours are just beautiful and it's never too soon to think about Autumn.

I bought mine from Superdrug and you can own this gorgeous palette yourself by clicking here 

There are several shades in this new line, ranging from more natural muted tones to beautiful glitters! I'm sure you'll find the palette for you. The main goal of this post was to make you aware that not all good makeup has to cost an arm and a leg, you'd be surprised how good the 'cheaper brands' can be.

So, what do you think to this palette?
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