Primark pressed glitter palette... hit or miss??

Festival season is finally upon us and with that being said, all well know make-up brands start to bring out their festival style glittery make-up. Glitter is literally seen everywhere at festivals and it's a huge statement, so when I found this little palette for £4 at Primark I had to give it a go. I wasn't expecting a lot but for the price, it's worth a try.

Application: So, firstly you do really need to build these up. When I first applied the glitter you couldn't see any colour, so I decided to put a powder eyeshadow on first to give the glitter something to stick to and that worked a treat. The glitter shadows are a bit vaseline-like so they are very slippery, because of this I highly recommend setting your lids with powder.

Lasting power: The glitter did slip and slide and didn't last very long I noticed after a while the pigments just slowly disappeared, which was a big disappointment. I think for the price it's a good palette but it just doesn't last very long. Below I have added a few images of the look I created, bare in mind I did apply a pink shadow underneath before applying the glitter shade.

Overall the palette is a great bargain and it is amazing to pick up to experiment with make-up looks in an inexpensive way.
Would you give this a try? let me know in the comments.
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