Make up for 99p is this for real??

Today I wanted to share with you a budget brand that I recently discovered in Home Bargains. I decided to pick a few bits up as I was keen to write a blog post and share them on my blog. I think these could be great for anybody on a tight budget who still want to feel glam; often cheaper brands are frowned upon and often people turn them down due to the low price tag but sometimes cheaper products can be just as good. One thing I love about this brand is that it's cruelty-free, one thing all brands should be. All of these products were 99p, so I thought at that price why not give it a go, after all, I have nothing to lose.

 I picked up the shimmery eyeshadow palette as I have a lot of matte shades and I wanted to see how well these shades pick up, below are some swatches of the shades.

For 99p the pigmentation is honestly fab, I really wasn't expecting much from this palette. They have a few palettes on offer in Home bargains ranging from brights to nudes.

I am not one for blush normally, but I just decided to give it a go for the price. I have to be honest I wasn't too keen on the texture of this blusher it felt very chalky and the colour was a little too bright for me. They do have more subtle tones of blushers and I should have opted for one of those.

The last thing I bought was a setting spray. I see everyone rave on about setting sprays and I have never tried one so, I thought why not try this one, after all, it's only 99p.  

I will keep you updated with this spray and the other products as I still haven't fully tried them out. If you would like an updated blog post or maybe a makeup look with these products let me know in the comments. Overall, I would say this line is good and it's worth giving it a try and discover what suits you the most.

Until next time,

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