Sheffield Mental Health Information Forum: Helping locals connect with services

Today, I wanted to share with you an important forum that helps Sheffield people connect with mental health services. The Sheffield Mental Information Health Forum was founded by Ellen Chapman, 22, to help local people who are struggling to find and connect with mental health services. The 22-year-old launched the forum in May, and since then has been striving to grow the Facebook page and overall connect with people in need. The forum will make a positive impact on people's lives so, it is important that the message gets heard.

Ellen said: "I am trying to be the person I needed when I was younger." This is the main reasoning to the idea of the forum. Ellen has devoted a lot of time to this page, she has even spent money to promote the site on Facebook so more people can access the help they need.

I think this forum is a fab idea, and many others should be set up in local areas. There's always been a stigma behind mental health which is so sad; this site can really help people connect with services and people in similar situations.  Ellen really is a remarkable woman and is very passionate about mental health; to say she has pulled this all off on her own is amazing. There's an array of services on the forum ranging from helplines, tips, and meetings. This site is the place to go to for anybody in need of help as services can be hard to access and find but Ellen makes it simpler to find a service that can suit each individual need.

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