For Grandad

This summer has been possibly the worst for me and my family because I lost a very important figure in my life - my Grandad. My Grandad was honestly everything to me, he was my number one fan when it came to all my university work and academic journey. He was, and still is a very important figure in my life and was the person I called each and everyday and the first person I called to update on any changes in my life. 

Losing my Grandad has been hard. I've had times where I have felt completely empty and lost. Losing somebody so close to you is extremely difficult to come to terms with, but since losing Grandad I have taken a new perspective on life. You never know what is around the corner in life and because of this you should, and I will, live life to the fullest and never regret anything. Ring your family and friends, tell them you love them, take pictures, laugh, enjoy the small moments. Simple things and routines in life with loved ones should be cherished, because it is those little things you reflect on the most when you can no longer do them. Simple things like my daily phone conversations with my Grandad where we would just speak about our day is something I cherish the most; an act so simple but has played a big part in my life and something I will hold onto forever. Cherish those moments with your loved ones, they may not seem big right now, but don't take them for granted.

My first day back at uni I found hard, but on my drive down I noticed a white feather appear out of nowhere on my car and that is my Grandad's sign telling me he is always with me. I cherish all the precious moments I shared with my Grandad because he was one in a million and I feel a comfort in knowing that he is still here with us. I know my Grandad is always with me and my family, he loved us all far too much to not be.

University this year will be different, I will take my third year so seriously because this year I am going to do my Grandad proud. My Grandad always said he was proud of me getting in to university because I worked hard and I am the first in my family to go. I am going to make sure I leave university with a good job and good grades and do my Grandad proud. When I ever feel in doubt I always hear my Grandad's voice in my head, cheering me on and always reassuring me that I can do it.

I thank my Grandad for everything I have achieved because he was a huge support network for me pushing me on in times where I had no motivation or feeling hopeless. I remember ringing my Grandad the day I found out I got into university, he said and I remember so vividly, "I never doubted it for a second" and that meant so much to me because there were times I was going to give up on even pursuing university, but my grandad always pushed me on and gave me encouragement when I needed it.

So, on graduation when I get my degree I will look and think of my Grandad because I know he will be right with me. There won't be a day that goes by when I won't think of my Grandad and I'll love you forever and always.

This year and next, I will make it count and chase my goals and dreams, starting with updating my blog more regularly and aim high. 

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