Friday, 27 February 2015

How to: quick side bun

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog! So for the longest time I have been wearing my hair 
Down all the time and curly. To be honest I've got very bored of it so I wanted to experiment with my hair a little. A year a go I used to have my hair different everyday now I just seem to chose one style and stick with that. But I am going to wear my hair different from time to time. I used to have side buns and messy buns in my hair a lot. This hair style works for any occasion make it messier for casual days and neater for days when you're going somewhere nice or fancy.

How to:  firstly pick the side you want your bun to sit. 
Once you have chosen the side make a side pony as high or low as you like I have put mine slightly low.
Once you have secured the side pony get a hair donut they are amazing I get mine from primark for £1!  Now put the donut through the hair and cover the donut with your hair. Begin to wrap all the hair around the donut creating the shape. I then take another hair tie and wrap it around the bun to keep it really secure.
If there are any bits that hang out  just use some grips and hairspray 
For my fringe I sort of used the fishtail method but did it very quick and messy I then pulled out some side bits so it didn't look to neat. 

This day I wore the bun a little neater and higher up you can change it as much as you like!

So quick and easy!

Would you wear this hairstyle let me know In the comments
Lauren x

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Do you need hundreds of followers to be successful ?

                                                                    (Picture from google)

Hello everyone so today I really wanted to write this post its one what many bloggers think about including me for definite. Many bloggers think when setting up their blog they need to gain hundreds of followers then they are successful. Yes it's great and such an achievement if you have hundreds of followers but it's not all about that. Blogging is about sharing things that you love and have a passion for. Followers are great I have 75 followers currently on bloglovin and I thank each and everyone of them they make me happy. But when you first start your blog you start of at zero but you still have a lot of motivation to carry on and progress. This motivation should carry on through out the time you have your blog this motivation is what really makes a blog successful. A successful blog needs to have a passion for writing, be committed and motivated. Without that it's going to fail if your not motivated and your not bothered your posts will look sloppy and your not going to attract new followers.

When you set up your blog you know from the start that there are thousands and thousands of people who have a blog too. So you need to think of ways that can make your blog unique and stand out. I know I may not have done that by choosing a beauty and fashion blog but I try and make my posts as unique as I can. Because let's be honest would you want to read the same thing other and other again? I have been thinking about my blog and looking at others  I thought well they have had their blog a month and have more followers than me! My blog is failing. But then I thought no don't think that you should be happy with your work congrats to them but it doesnt mean yours is rubbish. Don't compare your blog to others either you don't want yours to be the same as somebody else's  because then it isn't unique is it?

Things to keep in mind when blogging.
1. Plan your posts carefully.
2. Keep motivated and have confidence in your posts.
3. Work on making your blog unique and interesting.
4. Be happy with your blogs succsess and continue on improving.
5. Think of blogging as a hobby be passionte and commited.

I have been thinking about my blog recently and I am going to start to focus more on lifestyle posts rather than fashion/beauty. I will still be writing fashion and beauty posts just not all the time I want to mix it up. I feel like fashion and beauty are to common I love reading them and writing them but I just want to write more lifestyle. I love writing about life experiences, issues, giving advice etc... 
So I want to start writing more detailed useful lifestyle posts I love to hear your positive comments and I also like to hear I have helped people or made them smile! That makes blogging successful also when you hear people have enjoyed your posts and you have made them smile just something as simple as that.

   Do you think blogs need to have hundreds of followers to be successful let me know in the comments. Also let me know what you would like to see on my blog!
                                                                                    Lauren x 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New obsession: Urban decay naked on the run palette.

Hello everyone its been a little while since I wrote a post but I have been super busy so I am very sorry. But I really needed to write a post on my new found love for the Urban decay naked on the run palette. It is the best thing to happen since bread and butter honestly this palette is a saviour it has everything you need in there great for travelling, or if your like me and you overlay you're in a rush to get ready its all there waiting for you. I love the handy mirror in the palette its great if you're somewhere and there is no mirror in sight!

I love these eye shadows honestly I don't think there is any better than Urban decay the pigmentation is amazing.
I love the blusher and bronzer to and yes when I saw them at first I was a little scared with how BRIGHT the blush looks. But they are very pigmented so a little goes a LONG way you only need to dab a tiny bit on a brush and its enough

         To create this look I used 'Resist' as the main lid colour then I used the colour 'Dare' on the crease then I added a little bit of 'Stun' to make the eyes look smoky.

                      What do you think of this palette? let me know in the comments
                                                                                  Lauren x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Worth a read or not? Girl online review.


Hi everybody, welcome back to another post on my blog. Today I really wanted to write a brief review on the new novel by Zoe sugg. I do love reading books from time to time but it has to really get me gripped into the story to get me to carry on reading. I have to admit I have read other books before and never ended up finishing them because they just bored me. So, I like good Imaginative stories with twists. When I got this I picked it up and started reading it straight away. I couldn't put it down I finished the book very quickly. I love how the story really relates to teenagers today. It targets issues such as growing up, boys and anxiety. It's really funny In some parts and really heartwarming in others. It also talks about 'modern problems' (well they aren't really problems but we think they are)  Like which emoji should I use or how many kisses on the  end of texts -  let's be honest we have all thought about that right?

Instead of portraying teenage years to be amazing and great, Zoe has actually put many truths about growing up and being a teenager. I like how it's not always happy endings its actually realistic. I actually wanted to read this book the most because it is about a teenager with a blog and I felt I could relate to the character Penny. She has an anonymous blog, which only her one true friend knows about. She keeps it a secret and that is exactly what I did at first but now I am very happy to share my blog with friends. In the end I loved how her friends found out about her blog and she thought this would be bad. But actually, she found out some of her friends actually read her blog. I am not going into a lot of detail In the story because I think people should go read it for themselves and get their own opinion on it. I also loved how Zoe made the character into somebody who's dealing with panic attacks. Although it is a novel I felt she put a little bit of her life in there with the panic attacks. I think this book is great for people who are dealing with panic attacks, so they know they're not alone. I think this book is mainly targeted at teenagers but I don't see why somebody older couldn't read it. I think they would enjoy it the same and relate to it by comparing the story to their teenage years.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I couldn't put it down. And I do find it very hard to find a book to enjoy so much I would rate this 5/5 I think all teenage girls should read this you will be surprised how much you can relate!

         Have you read this book or would you? let me know in the comments
                                                                Lauren x

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