Sunday, 29 January 2017

Random act of kindness: Saffron's story

Hello everyone, welcome back. Today I have started my new, exciting blog series. This series will showcase people's stories all about their random acts of kindness. I really do think we should spread kindness in the world and help each other out every once in a while.  To start off the series, Saffron kindly got in contact with me on twitter with her story. 

Saffron actually had a few stories to share with me and I had to include them all, it really shows what a lovely person she is and how we should do the same! The great thing also is that Saffron has stories from both the giving and receiving end, of kindness! 

1. "When I had work experience in London I bought a train pass for the week, on the underground it slipped out of my pocket. Luckily some kind strangers got my attention and returned my ticket." 

2.  "Around the same time of my work experience I was rushing to get the tube and my bag got stuck in the train doors, luckily two kind men helped me haul it through the doors."

3. "I let everyone get on the train before me, a gentleman actually thanked me I had never experienced this before." 

I think these acts of kindness from Saffron's experience (both the giving and receiving end) really restores faith back into humanity! 

If you have a random act of kindness story let me know via email or twitter. (email can be found on the contact page of my blog).

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 Saffron has her own blog which I have left a link for you to view :) Saffron's blog  

Sunday, 15 January 2017

NYX soft matte lip cream review

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share my new favourite lipstick. The best thing about this is that it's cruelty-free. Personally, I think every brand should be cruelty-free. I love this red burgundy colour, it's just gorgeous for winter time to make you feel that little bit glam, while bundled up in thousands of layers.

Nyx is such an amazing brand and such a cheap price! I couldn't believe the prices when I went into my local Boots. This brand to me really rivals many highend brands.

This lipstick drys matte and lasts a very long time; It literally stains your lips. I also pair this lipstick with a lip liner just to make my lips look a little bigger and more defined, but you don't have to it's just personal preference.

So, this is the colour swatched. I just love it, it's so pretty and really suits my make up look. I pair this with a brown smokey eye a bit of blusher and highligther!

What do you think to this lipstick? Let me know in the comments

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

hair trends: pastel lovin'

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I have rounded up my favourite hair trends - pastel hair trends to be precise. I just love pastel, it's just so gorgeous. I have rounded up my favourite colours from the whole pastel trend, so here goes...

The pastel pink look

I love pastel pink, it's just gorgeous. When Bleach London announced their amazing hair colours I couldn't wait to try this rosé colour. This conditioning dye lasts up to 2 to 10 washes, so no commitment. The greatest part is that this actually conditions your hair, so no dry dull locks. I have actually tried this colour myself, as you can see so I know that it's brilliant!

A drop of lilac...

I haven't tried this dye, well not yet anyway. I have ordered it online and I just can't wait to give it a go. I love the lilac hair trend and I have always been very envious of people with it. Now I have light enough hair, it's time I try it for myself! I will definitely write a post when I get this hair dye, on the results.

Peach lovin'

I have to admit hearing the word peach to describe a hair colour made me a little sceptical, but when I saw the results I just loved it. I don't think it is a hair colour that I could personally pull off but I'm sure others could. I have rounded up some peach hair dyes that seem the best in my opinion. As I have tried these brands in other colours, they are brands I trust. One is even a pre-lightener, so if your hair isn't quite as light this lightens and applies the peach all in one go!

So, which one is your favourite pastel colour? Let me know in the comments.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Pretty dresses from AisleStyle

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. I was recently contacted by Aisle Style; asking if I would be kind enough to write a blog post about their lovely website. They offer dresses for many occasions including weddings and prom dresses.  I decided to combine my favourites picks from their site and maybe help any of you who are in a dilemma finding the perfect dress. Visit Aislestyle here

I love all things vintage, so I loved the fact they had a category for vintage themed bridesmaid dresses. I had to pick this one it is just gorgeous and makes the perfect bridesmaid dress.

You can choose from a range of colours in this style, so you can make it perfect for your day. 

There's a wide range of bridesmaid dresses on AisleStyle perfect for you to find the one. Browse the range here 

I think lace is gorgeous for any occasion but this makes the perfect prom dress. I know prom may seem a while away but it does not hurt to get a few ideas, right? There's many colours on offer in this dress but I just loved this blue colour. 

The  first communion dresses 

This gorgeous dress is so precious and perfect for the occasion. 

So, whatever the occasion AisleStyle pretty much has you covered; a perfect site for those special dates.

What do you think to AisleStyle?
Let me know in the comments.

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