Saturday, 31 January 2015

Weekend summary meet Lou-Lou

Hiya everyone welcome back to my blog today I really wanted to introduce you to my Nanan's new puppy Lou-Lou. Congrats to me for thinking of the name I think it's so cute and suits her so well. She is crossed between a pug  and  a frenchbull dog. We all love her so much and have really taken to her. she's the cutest little thing. So I took my camera up and took this opportunity to take some really nice pictures. I am quite impressed with them they've turned out lovely and she was looking perfectly at the camera. 




How cute bet your'e saying aw to a lot of these pictures right? She's such a little character and I think Lou Lou suits her so much.

As for my Saturday summary I haven't done a big deal just spent some time at my granddad (it's his birthday today!)

Seen my nanan (and Lou-Lou) and now I'm just watching tv and having a dominos pizza later yum! so all in all a very nice chilled day I'm so glad the snow and ice is finally going here!

What have you been up to and let me know what you think of Lou-Lou in the comments x

                                                                 Lauren x


Friday, 30 January 2015

A few favourites..

Hello everyone sorry I have  been away from my blog for a bit but as you know I am having a few troubles with my laptop but its working okay today (fingers crossed it stays that way). Anyway I am getting a little bored of not being able to write on my laptop. I mean I do love writing posts on my ipad  but I cant put pictures from my camera on it. So the pictures don't turn out as good quality but I have seen a camera connection kit on the apple website so I will look into that. Anyway I thought I would show you a few products I have been loving I cant really call it a January favourites because some of the things I haven't long since got. But anyway I thought I would show you these and maybe help you discover new products to try for your self. I love reading these posts and watching these videos so I was very eager to write my own. So here goes...

Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel.
I love this facial wash its great and because I have sensitive skin I always stick to simple. I know these products don't have any harsh chemicals in.

Bourjois chocolate bronzer
I have loved this bronzer for many years now and I have never used any other.  For a drugstore brand its amazing its not orange its a nice subtle tan colour. Its great for contouring and lasts quite a long time.

Bourjois chocolate bronzer

Simple kind to skin micellar cleansing water
I love micellar waters but because I have such sensitive skin I do find it hard to find one that doesn't cause any irritation
and I have finally found it! (Hurrah!)

Girl online book
I love to find a good book to read. So when I found out Zoe Sugg (Zoella) had written her very own novel I just had to read it. And I was not disappointed this book has such a lovely story I don't want to go into to much detail in case you haven't or you are reading it. But all I am going to say is go buy it you will not regret!

Benefit porefessional and moisturiser

Benefit porefessional primer
This primer is great It makes my foundation last all day. softens my skin and reduces the sight of pores making them look like you don't have any at all! Brilliant.

Benefit triple performing moisturiser
I love this moisturiser its so good and the best thing about it is that it is suitable for all skin types!
which is great news for somebody who has combination skin like me.

What do you think of these products would you try them let me know in the comments.
Lauren x

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Body image.

Hello today I felt like writing a serious post because I do think it's much needed. I have wrote a post like this before but I don't think I went in to enough detail. So I want to write another . As you can tell by the title this is targeted on  how we see our selfs. It's horrible to see and hear so many girls thinking they have to look perfect all the time. How they feel their in competition with other girls to look the best. I do honestly blame many magazine for this issue. They portray celebs to be absoultey perfect not a single blemish on them. How ridiculous is this they have to photoshop a picture to make the person look un real. Everybody has blemishes and imperfections there is honestly no such thing as perfect. When we are reading a magazine article and it reads "the dream body" and it shows a very slim girl with a toned body. It gets me mad because how can they categorise one body  type as "the dream body". We all look different some girls have big hips, some have small the list is endless we are all unique!

I have had my on issues with body image. I constantly was picking at my self looking for flaws which I know now is so silly. Why do we do this to our selfs makings are selfs feel worthless. I would always compare myself. I used to be a little chubby when I was younger it's was just a phase I went through I used to get mean comments about my weight. But as soon as I went up to secondary school I started loosing weight because I was getting taller and I also changed my diet a lot and ate very healthy. But the healthy eating did turn into a obsession. Which I now have under control the feeling to loose weight made me feel very happy and I just wanted to loose more and more. Luckily I got that sorted. But it annoys me how girls have this huge amount of pressure to look perfect. I hate how mean people can cause so many problems. I hear a lot of people getting bullied getting mean comments like I did and they end up getting eat disorders. I think people should really watch what they say let them live their own life. As long as your healthy and happy don't let anybody bring you down. That's exactly what they want. Be happy in your own skin then your confidence will just grow you are your own person and you should be happy the way you are. We all have are own blemishes and I can honestly say and proudly say I have blemishes and imperfections but I don't care they make me who I am. 


                        Let me know what you think to this post In the comments x 
                                                                             Lauren x 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

I love a bit of monochrome ootd.





Today I felt in the mood to wear a skirt in was getting so bored of wearing trousers so I braved it and wore a skirt. I don't normally wear skirts but I love the dog tooth print on this that has to be my fave print at the moment. Again I apologise with the quality of photos I had to take them with my iPad. does anybody know how to get camera pictures on to a ipad can you actually do that let me know please.

Shirt- newlook
Skirt- newlook
Tights- primark
Necklace - newlook
Boots- newlook
Leather jacket - Asda ( I have  noticed I wear ALOT of things from new look)
Let me know what you think to this outfit in the comments x 
                                                                                                         Lauren x 


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Love or hate? benefit big easy bigger than bb

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Remember when I showed you what I bought on my shopping trip? Well I showed you the benefit bb cream (I am going to call it that the name is such a mouth full) Anyway I have been using it for about 2/3 weeks now and have developed an opinion on it. And i want to share it with you. Because it is a bb cream you cant expect massive coverage from it. Its going to be a light to medium coverage and it will make you look very natural like your not wearing anything and that is the whole idea of it.

                                            What it looks like on my face 
Very blurry but this is the result very natural I get the colour 05 beige I do fake tan sometimes so I was matched to this colour. But it does match with out tan:) 
I had a few little spots on my forehead and this is how they covered them I think it's pretty good for a bb cream!

The packaging is so pretty and cute benefit never fail when it comes to cute packaging. But is the product any good? After paying  £27.50 for this product which is a pricey amount for a bb cream you would hope so.  I am happy with this product it feels great on my skin unlike some other foundations that can feel very heavy and cakey. This feels so lightweight I forget I am wearing makeup! 
If I have a blemish I go and put a second layer on and it still looks natural so this product is very build able. I apply my benefit porfessional before bb cream to make it last all day and reduce the sight of my pores. Overall I would rate this product 5/5

Coverage out of 5: 3.5 it's not the greatest product for coverage because it is not designed to cover lots of blemishes it's just there to perfect your skin a little.

Application out of 5: 5 it glides on the skin so well I use my fingers it is a lot better than using a brush as I have tried them both. Also it does say to apply with fingers.

Lasting time out of 5: 5 with my primer it last so long I do not have to touch it up which is great. Without primer I'm not sure so I would reccomend using a primer.

               What do you think would you try this product? let me know

By the way I am sorry about the lack of posts I am struggling as I have a stupid virus on my computer so I have to write it all out on my iPad :(

                                                                         Lauren x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

My staple perfume.

Hello and welcome back to my blog today is a beauty post I decided I would show you my favourite perfume I absolutely love the smell it makes me feel very girly. We all have our own favourite and  I have spoke to a few people and they love the same one as me. I bet you want to know what I choose right?

The scent is described as Radiant and enchanting, Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet- spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth. At the heart of Daisy is floral with vintage edge flavour of Marc Jacobs' feminine edgy designs. The bottle design features a luxurious block of weighted, clear glass topped with a playful scattering of daises that appear to bloom around the gold cap.
(Description from boots website)

I love the scent it will always be my favourite. I wear It both day and night

What do you think of this perfume let me know in the comments

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Weekday notes New years resolutions

Hello everyone I decided to write a nice chatty post today I didn't honestly feel like taking lots of photos and perfecting them because im made up with a cold (meh). But I still wanted to write a post so anyway ill get into it. So we have started 2015 and everybody at this time has some sort of New years resolution normally its the same every year get fit and eat healthy. Mine is sort of that I made only 2 this year because lets be honest the more you make you just don't stick to them so its best to keep it short and simple.

I have made a resolution to drink more. You may think this is so weird and boring but I do have this really bad habit of not drinking hardly anything. And I suffer from It big time by getting lots of headaches and feel rubbish. So I have got lots of bottled water in because I hate tap water and I have been drinking at least 2 600ml bottles a day which is great. I defiantly feel so much better and my skin has improved massively I love the new smart water its so nice and fresh I drink lots of it.

Resolution 2 eat healthy I already eat pretty much healthy most of the time but I really want to be more adventurous with food and replace bad snacks with fruit. A lot of people do struggle to stick to it but I think the best way to stick to is to not be so strict. Allow your self  a treat at the weekend the more you ban things the more you crave them.

I'm loving detox tea! 

Detox teas are so nice you would expect them to taste horrible but I was surprised. I have 1 in a morning and 1 before I go to bed many celebs drink these because they have so many benefits. The tea has Dandelion and burdock, sage, ginger, peppermint and spearmint it creates a really nice taste. It says 'This tea will help refresh your system from the inside giving you the kick-start you need.
its also caffeine free! if your thinking of trying herbal teas try these you can get them at all supermarkets.

What New years resolutions have you made this year let me know in the comments
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Friday, 2 January 2015

Day of shopping

Today I had a full day of shopping which to me is a lot of fun. I have been planning to do abit of sales shopping but the snow and ice put my plans on hold. Now the snow and ice has gone I can finally go. So I thought I would do  a post on what I bought today I am not bragging what so ever so please do not take it that way. I just wanted to show you want I've got and it will make a nice post I think.

 Benefit bigger than BB. I love benefit makeup its so good I love the packaging to I got the makeup artist to match me up and I also tried it on before I bought it and loved it. Just because it says bb cream doesn't mean it doesn't give coverage because it does its very buildable and lightweight it really doesn't feel like I am wearing any makeup at all! which is great I don't want it to be cakey. 

The makeup artist also put this moisturiser and primer on I loved the look so I bought it I was lucky because
they had a special offer where you get a free bottle of moisturiser with the primer which is great

I popped into h&m and saw this gorgeous yellow jacket how perfect is it I love the colour great for spring/summer

I also got these trousers from h&m the print may not be everyones taste but I think they really suit me they go really well with the jacket. I bought them because they was on the manikin with the jacket. I love them
lauren x

Let me know what you think of my items in the comments
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