Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday notes & happy halloween!♥

Hello everybody and happy halloween today i thought i would do a chat style post today as they are quite popular on my blog. This morning i have been lounging around in my onesie (there so comfy i just never want to get out of it). But finally i'm up and ready for the day. After the weekend its the end of the half term and its back to reality, but i honestly dont care i dont mind college and its life we have a couple of days of then its back to normal. I'm all ready thinking about what course i should take next year i will be doing media again just a higher level. I love doing media it really interests me i would love to gain experience in editing videos because if i ever chose to start a youtube channel it would come in handy to know. At first i was really shy to do things like record my voice for a radio task but thinking about it, why should i be everybody else is doing it. Now im not bothered at all! i find it funny listening to myself. My plans for halloween are not that much i want to watch the Adams family film thats the best haloween film. Halloween was the best when i was younger getting dressed up and all excited to go trick or treating. When you get older halloween it's no where near as fun:(

This afternoon I went and had the nicest latte ever I love coffee, such a coffee addict!

                                                      My cats are so lazy!

Woke jasper up taking the picture!

This is all my cats do all day pretty much is sleep and eat!
look at sooty here he sleeps so weird aha.
Anybody else's cats lazy as mine because there snoring away next to me right now!

Hope you have a fun Halloween and weekend let me know what are your plans for tonight in the comments

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Be more of a confident blogger ♥

Yesterday i did a post which was 20 thoughts during my time of blogging, i wrote on my list that i get really worried if people i know find my blog. I got a few comments on that post and people agreed saying they feel the same. So i thought i would address this problem with a post. I have Insatagram and facebook and twitter all of the social media platforms! but i do not advertise my blog on any of them because  i always have it in my head that my friends may find it stupid. The odd persons knows about it and they think its a good idea. But why should i think like this! i might get the odd laugh but honestly so what i'm doing something meaningful with my life. If they want to laugh then let them its what you want to do so carry on with it. As long as it makes you happy which it really does for me then that's all that matters!. If there true genuine friends then they will support it. My goal is to become a lot more confident about my blog to get back on my twitter or create a new one. And start to advertise my posts it might introduce new readers to my blog and that's all i want, for people to enjoy reading my blog!.

Everything is dominated by social media!
Take a look at celebrities or big bloggers they all use social media and advertise there latest post/albums or what ever there doing. The reason they do this is because they know everybody today has twitter/facebook/instagram so they know people are going to see it. Then people share it to there friends they share it and it goes all they way around. This is the best thing for  a new blog like mine i just need to build the confidence up to do it.

Lets all be more confident bloggers
This is something a lot of us need to do there's people reading this probably thinking the same and why let other people get in your way! Its something i'm working on.

Don't do what i did at the beginning 
At the beginning i used to create blogs put one post on then delete the whole blog, i just always had it in my head that people would think its a stupid idea. But i do not think that at all now, i love blogging and enjoy it i would never think of deleting this i'm so happy with how its turned out.


Do you have the same issues do you need to be more of a confident blogger let me know in the comments  

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

20 thoughts during my time of blogging♥

So I was reading Taylors blog at another fashion fanatic    and she did a great post its was called 25
thoughts during my blogging time. I thought it was a really good idea, soon as I read it I really wanted to do it myself so I thought I would mention her in this post as it wasn't really my idea this post. You should go check out her blog its really good.

Going back to August when I first started my blog, I some how had it in my head that blogging would be so simple and I could blog every day! Flash back to now I do not think blogging is easy at all there's so much time that goes in to a blog post there's planning , picture taking , writing and editing this can take up a lot of time so its a lot to blog everyday!. Anyway here is my list.

1. The stress of the layout, There's all these computer terms with the layout widgets, navbars , html codes and css codes. At first I look at it like it was some sort of foreign language. I did what anybody else would do and GOOGLED IT. Slowly it started to make sense.

2. 'Omg why doesn't my blog look like that' Is exactly what I say when I look at some other peoples blogs. I just think to my self I have no idea how they even got it looking like that I'm so bad with computers!

3. Right blog post done, why isn't nobody reading it no views , no comments , no shares is it really that bad. Is what I thought at the beginning but it all comes with time you have to get your blog out there and get it noticed.

4.  Omg , there is so many people with the same kind of blog as me!

5. What do I write about today I have no idea!! this blogging everyday thing is not going to happen.

6.  What if people who I know find out about my blog will they laugh? (at first I set up a blog put one post on then deleted everything)

7.  Maybe one day I could start a youtube channel.

8.  I wonder how Zoella got so big and recognised .

9.  I always think my blog background needs improving (im never happy with it haha)

10. My make up looks good today maybe I could do a fotd post?, gets camera out to take a picture omg I look so bad that is not how I look in the mirror. (puts camera away and thinks of another post)




14.  I love blogging it makes me happy.

15. I wonder if I still have this blog when I'm 20? I hope so.

16.  Ooh a new make up review, yes I need to go to boots to buy that now.

17. I could of picked a better blog name, oh well to late.

18.  I could just blog about my cute cats everyday, I don't think people would be happy about that though. (haha)

19. People from all over the world could be looking at my blog, omg!

20.  I cant believe at first I deleted all my posts and thought they were stupid, I love blogging now and im so glad I stuck to it.

                So there are my thoughts on blogging let me know what you think in the comments.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

All about my hair! ft old pictures♥

Today I thought I would do a post completely about my hair what colours have I been do I dye it now how do I keep it healthy etc.. So lets get started. The first time I dyed my hair was having it highlighted which I loved I couldn't find any pictures to show you which is a shame:(. I had my natural hair colour which was a caramel brown with blonde streaks I was so happy with it, I did not do it my self a hairdresser did it because I did not want yellow/orange hair. Anyway a couple of years later the highlights where grown out and I didn't touch any sort of dye until 2012 when I dyed my hair completely JETBLACK. I had it that colour for about 3 years I loved it at the time it made my hair look shiny and healthy, but I wanted to lighten my hair up and make it look more natural as black made me look washed out and pale. SO I thought It will be so easy to get rid of black hair I will get some blonde bleach then a brown dye!. Omg what was a thinking I made such a mess to my hair I ended up bleaching my hair 3times and putting at least 5 box dyes on it!, my hair at this point felt very dry. So I started deep conditioning my hair and taking extra care of it. But I knew it needed cutting so I went and lucky I only needed abit of my hair off  hardly anything. So now I had a lovely brown hair  colour a total change from my jet black locks.
Me with jetblack hair (this is my school shirt by the way haha I don't wear horrible shirts)
I used to have a fringe too!

I have no pictures of me when I changed my hair to brown but I remember it wasn't a big change it hardly showed up on camera!. Anyway about Christmas time 2013 I decided I wanted to go red.

At first it was this dark red colour I wasn't happy with this because I wanted BRIGHT red so
I carried on dying and dying and dying!

It then went this bright red colour ( I also went through a phase of wanting my nose pierced if you look
closely you will see I have it in but then took it out a couple of weeks later it did not suit me haha)
I have totally changed now!!

My hair was so badly damaged at this point I had to have a lot cut of it because it snapped of I cried because I hated my hair
I then gave my hair a long long rest let the red fade then a year later I stripped it and It went back to my natural colour then
I left it like that for months  and it grew a lot from the length I had to have it cut too

This is my hair colour now its fully recovered from all the dying and is really healthy. I do still dye it
but very rarely I dye it dark blonde from nice n easy. I dye it every 2/3 months
I hardly ever dye it now ive learnt from my mistakes
to keep it healthy I use hair masks get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks
drink lots of water and eat healthy most importantly don't over dye it!!!

So that's my hair history of dying I've learnt a lot on the way what colours have you been let me know in the comments

Monday, 27 October 2014

UPDATE: How is your confidence today?♥

Last month I did a blog post about how to be confident and got some good feedback on it. It actually turned out to be my most popular post which I was very happy to hear. So I thought it must of helped some people out, so why not let you know how my confidence is today and how those tips have helped me. (If you haven't read my confidence post read it here).

                                           So how Is your confidence today? 
              I feel I have changed so much since I posted the confidence post those tips helped me a lot. The main issue with me was being shy, i found it very hard to speak to new people. Since i started college I've been pushing my self more and more to go up and just speak to people with confidence. When you have confidence in your self it shows and you become more approachable.  I also explained how Confidence = success because your feeling great about your self and most importantly thinking positive then more and more good things come to you.
                                              I think differently now!

                           Instead of feeling down and rubbish about yourself and forever moaning, why not turn it around, be positive about your life think of all the good things you have to be great full for. When you think this way people will start coming up to you more to talk to. Because they will think what a lovely person always happy and smiling, lets think about it though really your not going to want to speak to somebody who's down and moaning are you.   "positive mind positive vibes positive life" i still live by this quote as i said in my last post, you should too!. I try and do new things what are outside of my comfort zone a couple of months ago going up and speaking to new people would be hard thing to me, so to achieve that is so good to me personally, the more things you do and achieve out side your comfort zone the more confidence you gain.  I just would like to tell people who are going through the same thing as I did, that its so possible to over come it. I can give you as much advice as I have and that's all good, but you have to get out there and do the things for yourself I promise you it will help in the long run.

                                        Remember when I said your not born with confidence

So do you remember on my last post when I explained that your not born with confidence? well that's so true obviously, its all about gaining it your self. You gain more and more experience the more you grow up. As I said last time (I sort of feel I'm repeating my self a lot on here haha) your not on your own there Is so many people today with confidence issues, you may not believe It but even big celebrities suffer with it. That is why I addressed this problem as it's such a big thing today

A quote to live by

 Have you read my how to be confident post did help you and is this post useful let me know in the comments


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday notes 26.10.14♥.

Today has been a lovely day i went up to see my family which i love doing, its always nice to spend time with your family. My little cousins make me laugh so much i always think spending time with your family makes you feel really lucky to have people around who love and care about you, it always puts me in a good mood. Is it just me but because the clocks went back today just seems to be dragging?, Haha but when the clocks go back its truly nearly winter which means not long to Christmas which excites so much I love Christmas! ive been listening to Christmas songs already(should I even admit that). Now the weather has got so much colder ive been living in my pink coat which I love so much. I remember buying it when the weather was warm and being excited for winter to wear it. I defiantly love autumn/winter a lot more than summer there's just so much to look forward to.  Oh and I've kind of started of my addiction for costa coffee again, I used to have so much of it. I've been loving there hot chocolates there gorgeous!

I seem to wear this jumper a lot I just love it so much my favourite
at the moment.
on my face
mac foundation in nw18
avon lipstick in lucky kiss
bourjois bronzer
yves saint Laurent mascara

what have you been up to today I hope you have had a lovely sunday x


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Embarassing old baby pictures 25.10.14

Today I haven't been up to that much I decided to have a chilled in day but I still had to think of some sort of blog post this one is one to laugh at trust me!. I was looking at some of my old baby pictures and have spotted out some right funny ones its a good old throwback post. When I was little I had big massive curly hair which was pretty much untameable sometimes as you will see in some of these pictures. I hated having my hair brushed when I was little as it was so notty and frizzy

The quality is so fuzzy sorry about 5 here I think on Christmas day opening
a present which appears to be bigger than me (cant even remember what it is)

4 year old me with santa Remember asking for more
a less everything of santa

Crazy hair woah! Christmas day  I will never understand why are house walls
were a yellow colour haha!!

I don't even know how to describe this one

On a school trip with nursery im so enthusiastic about im
(yawning all the time)

Rocking on the stage them dance moves though!

Haha well ive had a good laugh at those and I bet you have to let me know what you think in the comments

Friday, 24 October 2014

October favourites♥

Today I thought I would share my monthly favourites with you as were getting near the end of October let me know what you think in the comments
                                               Beauty favourites

I've recently just done a post on this expressing how much I love it! and here it is again
appearing on my favourites I have a whole lot of love for it (in the colour whimsical)
Another lipstick but ive been loving this one for autumn time. Its a lovely deep plum
colour (lucky kiss it is called)
Here is the colour of the lucky kiss lipstick

Love this gets rid of spots so quickly best spot cream ive ever had

The best foundation ive ever had (Read the post i did on the foundation here)

This has to be the best mascara i've ever had I love it so much I did a blog post on it (Read it here)


                                           Fashion favourites

I love my pink winter coat so much I also did a post on it too!(Readhere)

So obsessed with this lace black jumper from primark its so pretty

The collar is so cute!

I love my tartan scarf so much it has to be my go to Autumn/winter scarf I actually bought it last year
from primark and still wear it

And there my favourites for this month let me know what your loving in the comments as always


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My fave lipstick at the moment♥

Ive been trying out a lot of different lipsticks a lately. This one I've had a good couple of months but haven't wore it that much. But a couple of weeks ago I rediscovered it and fell in love with it  again its such a pretty colour. Stays on my lips for ages even if I've had a drink or eaten its still stays on my lips. It has a very slight shimmer to it but it doesn't stand out to much as over glittery its just a nice hint
                                           REVLON COLOUR BURST LACQUER BALM
I love the shiny pink packaging of this product

The result of the colour on my lips if your wondering the colour is 115 Whimsical (Buy here in whimsical)  what do you think to this lipstick let me know in the comments

Monday, 20 October 2014

How to make mondays happy ♥

Monday's are normally a day everybody hates right? but I honestly think why cant  it just be the same as any other day. I always hated Mondays having the weekend going out shopping or  the cinemas then school Monday. But I think there's ways of turning it around for the good. Also its best to know how to start your day of happy then your ready for the day.

Make the most of the weekend
Saturday and Sunday are time of from school or work college or uni. So make the most of it and have fun go out don't be stuck in bored because you will regret it when your back to school stuck in a classroom its nice to go to school/work/college/uni with a nice thing to talk about the weekend which will instantly put you in a good mood and get rid of the Monday blues

Start your Monday right
You do not want to start your Monday of forever yawning or feeling exhausted so make sure you get enough sleep to start your Monday of the best way. When your tired your cranky and find it hard to be in a happy positive mood. You want to turn up feeling fresh and happy then you will find the day will fly by!

Think positive about Monday
Sundays are normally the days where your think uh school/work tomorrow I don't want to go.
But instead of thinking like that think of the happy things about that. With school it might be seeing your friends planning to meet up at the weekend or after school. With work it could be looking forward to the money and be happy that you have a job and your out earning money (feel proud of yourself). In the morning (this helps me) put some music on or listen to your headphones before or while your getting ready! this makes you feel happier and I bet you will be singing and dancing in no time

Get rid of the stress and be organized
Instead of being one of those people who leaves everything till last minute make sure you have your course work/ homework or anything you need for school/work ready DONT LEAVE HOMEWORK/COURSWORK TO THE NIGHT BEFORE AS SOON WHENYOU GET IT PLAN ON DOING IT STRAIGHT AWAY! Its best to be organized and ready for the day ahead

Look forward to the next weekend and plan it
Be happy about the next weekend coming up and plan something with your friends its always nice to have something to look forward to. You've worked hard at school all week so its nice to have some fun and socialize

Make an effort with your makeup/hair
Its nice to make an effort and feel good about yourself. Don't be in a mad minute rush getting ready plan your wake up and let yourself have plenty of time to look good it will make you feel so much better

                       This is me on a Monday feeling very happy I no longer have the Monday blues

Thankyou for reading let me know if this has helped you in the comments I love to read them

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Weekend summary saturday 18.10.14 ♥

Today has been another good  Saturday I went to have my nails done again I chose a baby pink colour with a black and white zig zag pattern. I'm so obsessed with the colour baby pink at the moment. When I got back home from having my nails done I dyed my hair the same colour just touched it up because my roots were quite bad don't want black roots (haha). Anyway I haven't just sat around at all today. Ive made a promise to my self to keep fit and active so ive started this 15 minute full body toning routine on youtube (youtube is so good for workout videos). You may think 15 minutes is that it but it is quite intense but I made it through it and feel happy with my self. Tomorrow im also going swimming as it the best exercise you workout every muscle . I just want to stay fit and healthy and stay in shape. I'm going to be starting yoga to as its supposed to be very relaxing and extremely good for you
After having my nails done I bought a couple of things I bought this black and white jumper
with a white layered  shirt underneath then I bought this baby pink scarf which is so cute and a cup with
a pug on it because I love pugs

whats your Saturday been like have you been up to much let me know in the comments

Friday, 17 October 2014

The best foundation ever ♥

Theres so many foundations out today whether that be a drugstore or highend. I've been looking for a good foundation that's got a great coverage and just lives up to its name. Having heard so much about mac in the blogging world i thought its about time i give it ago my self and let me tell you something im so glad i did. I can honestly say i will never go to any other foundation again i love how it makes my skin look flawless and blemish free. Any spots are instantly concealed which is perfect for when you have  a spot what just wont go.

The name is mac studio fix fluid with a spf 15
I have this foundation in the colour nw18 its honestly the best foundation ive ever had
it makes my skin look flawless. I have tried so many foundation I haven't been satisfied with one as I am with the mac

the bottle (not the greatest picture I apologize)

 Overall I absolutely love this foundation and would recommend it to everyone the colour matches my skin so well ( I would defiantly advice you to ask the people at the counter to match you up with the right shade because they know what there doing)   

                                 Would you try this foundation let me know in the comments

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