Monday, 27 April 2015

Firmoo glasses review.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, I know I don't usually post on my blog until Wednesday but I just had to make an exception today. I was recently contacted by Firmoo a glasses company asking if I wanted to review a pair of their glasses. Of cause i said yes, the hardest part of it though was going through all the glasses and picking one pair it was a hard choice as there are  so many lovely pairs. I ended up picking a lovely geek chic style, i love this style it is so in trend. And Firmoo really seem to know what's on trend when it comes to glasses. I picked the non prescription option because i didn't know much about my prescription lenses, but i could easily go to my optician and get them to fit me some prescription lenses. But if you're not completely forgetful like me and you know your prescription they will sort that all out for you Which is great.
 You look stylish but you're doing your eyes a whole lot of good. I would recommend Firmoo to anybody they're brilliant, pretty much any style you desire will be there. Also the shipping is super speedy it is coming from abroad but the glasses arrived in a few days. How great is that! overall i am so happy with these glasses and they have replaced my other pair.
This is the case you receive with the glasses, normally glasses cases are very boring and plain but i love the unique design of theirs.

(Close up picture of the design)
I love the unique pattern on these glasses i haven't seen anything like this before.

Inside the case you receive a cloth to wipe the lenses.

Also you receive a leather pouch for your glasses or for any other glasses you own. Inside includes a little screwdriver so you can repair or make adjustments to your glasses if necessary.

Obviously i had to include a picture of me actually wearing them, i really love this style.

What do you think to these glasses let me know in the comments

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday outfit of the day.

Hello, everyone welcome back to my blog its quite a lovely sunny day today so i thought while i was out to take a few pictures of my outfit. I took my camera and when i got there realised my memory card was still in my laptop, so i had to make do with the iphone for today. I went out for dinner and that was really nice then i saw all this pretty scenery around so i thought it was a great opportunity to get some pictures. So here you go.

Jumpsuit- Newlook.
Blazer- From a shop in my local shopping centre but isn't no longer there.
Shoes- Zara

Have you had a nice weekend? let me know in the comments


Friday, 24 April 2015

Friday notes 24.04.15

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, today is Friday so that means its time for a Friday notes post. I love these posts they're very relaxed and very chatty. It really feels like I am just having a conversation/catch up with my readers. I like this picture sooty can be so cute at times.

Life// So this week has been very good the weather has been so sunny in Sheffield, which is sort of a rare thing we're used to a lot of rain. This week I have actually been doing a lot of thinking about the future and being very serious. I know exactly what course I want to do at college and all of that, but sometimes it can be stressful to think will you actually get employed in the industry I want to go in? it can be quite stressful. The reality of it is yes it will more than likely be tough but I like to stay very positive and work as hard as I can to achieve my goals.

What I am loving// I love taking pictures as I say a lot, Instagram has become a huge part of everybody's lives including my own. And I discovered an app called Vscocam. This app is honestly amazing it makes your pictures such better quality by adding effects editing the contrast and so on. I love how it makes my pictures look professional even though I have only taken them on my iphone. I would recommend this app to anybody it is my new favourite.

Lots of Laughing//
I found this picture from my holiday last year in turkey I find It so funny it makes me smile.
I love finding pictures that hold memories and instantly make you smile.

What are your plans for this weekend? let me know in the comments


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

5 places i want to visit.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today I really wanted to write all about the places I want to visit. I have seen many bloggers write this a lot now and I really enjoy reading them, its really nice to know where people want to go. Lets be honest we all would love to travel the world and who would refuse the opportunity, because I know I wouldn't. Its also nice to find out why people want to travel to these places and you often find out you have a lot in common and some of them you would want to travel to as well.

(Picture from google)

1. Iceland
I would love to go see the northern lights it seems such an amazing opportunity. I would love to be able to view this up close instead of just seeing other peoples pictures, it would be great to take your own and have it as an experience. It's not really classed as a 'traditional holiday' normally meaning you would go somewhere sunny. I also think it would be such a great atmosphere gathered with people around you who want to see the same thing as you.
(Picture from google)

2. New York
I would love to go to New York on holiday to do all the tourist stuff. I would love to go up the statue of liberty and the empire state building go shopping and take in the scenery. I would love to go at Christmas time I have said this for many years. It seems so festive and your more a less guaranteed a little bit of snow for Christmas day. Um sorry for mentioning the 'C' word so early.
(picture from google)

3. Sydney Australia

I would love to visit Australia to be pacific Sydney I love the  scenery and how hot the weather is. It would be perfect to go there, the downside Is I really wouldn't want to come back. I would love to explore Sydney and see as much as I can.
(Picture from google)

4. Malibu California

I love the look of Malibu everybody seems so laidback, Malibu has a lot of surfers and I think it would be fun to give it a try. The beach is so pretty and the sea is perfectly blue. I just think this place would be perfect to chill out and have fun.

(Picture from google)

5. Santorini Greece

this place is so beautiful I love the old buildings they look so pretty and you can tell there is a lot of history behind them. Its a very warm place so it would be great to relax and take in all the beautiful scenery.

Where do you want to travel to? let me know in the comments


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ghost anticipation review

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I thought I would give my thoughts on this perfume. As you must know on the amount of perfume reviews I am obsessed with finding a new beautiful scent. I normally go for Ghost sweetheart and I have been wearing that one for many years, but I received this one for my birthday and I really love it. It smells so fresh and clean and also very girly. I love it I always carry it with me in my bag and I have received some compliments on this perfume. Its a big 75ml bottle so it should last quite a while which is great.

The scent is Mandarin, orange, cranberry and violet. This combination works very well and as a fruity sort of floral scent its not overpowering and its not going to take your breathe its just a nice pretty scent perfect for summer.

Have you tried any of the ghost perfumes? let me know in the comments

Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday notes 17.04.15

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog its Friday hurray, so that means its time for another one of my Friday notes post. A look into my week and my thoughts its a very chatty post.

Recently I took a few pictures of my cats and I really wanted to make use of them so why not put them on my blog its not like I do it all the time (Yeah i kind of do ha ha)

I find this picture really funny.

Life// So as you can see by the random cat pictures I have been taking a lot of pictures a lately. Its something I really enjoy doing and its something I really need to practice and learn more about. This week has been the first week back to normal after the 2 week holiday the first Monday seemed to drag but then when I got back into to the routine it was fine. I found out that I passed my English exam which I am very happy about, I have been waiting quite a long time for these results and I were worrying quite a lot about it, Turns out I didn't need to worry!  This weekend I don't have too much planned I know that I am going to get my hair cut and I keep going back and fourth about getting a fringe or not. Because I really cant decide I am going to leave it I used to have a full fringe but I used to get bored of it very quick. So it looks like i'll just be going for a trim nothing interesting or exciting. My mum is having her hair highlighted so  I am looking forward to see what that will look like.

Blogs I am loving// I love reading blogs and i also love discovering new blogs, So here are the ones i am enjoying the most at the moment.

Velvetgh0st- I really enjoy reading Gabriella's posts also i love her YouTube channel i like the range of posts she writes. Its not all beauty, a lot of it's really nice life posts i love reading them. Her pictures are always amazing quality.

Stylesunrise- I really enjoy reading Karen's blog i love the makeup posts she writes her reviews are always honest and genuine and her pictures are always good quality.

Another Fashion Fanatic- I have been reading Taylor's blog for a while now and i really enjoy reading it. Her life posts about real issues are really well written and useful.

What blogs do you enjoy reading and do you have any plans this weekend? let me know in the comments!



Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My new favourite perfume.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I wanted to show my new favourite perfume I just love it. Its called Viva La Juicy by juicy couture. It is a very fruity/floral fragrance. I have actually wanted this perfume for quite sometime now so I saw it on offer and I had to get it. It also came with a handbag size tube/bottle to carry with you. I love how girly and summery this scent is. Its definitely one to bring out in spring/summer
I have been wearing this perfume a lot a lately. Now that the weather is slowly warming up its perfect time to get it out.

The perfume has wild berries, vanilla and jasmine inside.
I love this perfume I think its so pretty and girly perfect for any daytime occasion.

I still love Marc Jacobs daisy but its nice to mix it up from time to time with your perfume instead of just wearing the same. I would recommend this perfume to people who enjoy more of a floral/fruity smell. Its rather light and not to overpowering I love it.

Would you try this perfume? let me know in the comments


Friday, 10 April 2015

Friday notes 10.04.15

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog this week has been sort of sunny in England and I have really been enjoying it. We're all slowly being able to bring out our summer clothes yay! I love this bright yellow peplum top its such a summer colour and I think the added detail collar  makes it look really smart. I love the top paired with white jeans.

Peplum top- New look
Trousers- Tkmaxx

I don't know If you have noticed but I have applied a little bit of Dove gradual tan. This stuff is amazing it gives you a really nice subtle sun kissed look. I love using this stuff in the summer time Because I am so pale I don't want something that is going to make me really dark, I just want something that looks very natural. This result is after one application and I am happy with it. I apply it at night wake up and I am tanned! You can apply as many times as you want to get the desired look you want.


I have been listening to Natalie la rose featuring Jeremih Somebody
Pep & Rash Rumours

Weekend plans//
I want to make the most of this weather and be outside for definite I am hoping to go out somewhere nice and take some pictures I want some practice with photography. Practice makes perfect!
Tomorrow I am going shopping with a friend so that should be nice.

What are you up to this weekend let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My new beauty secret i have to share!


Yes its coconut oil I have seriously fallen in love with this stuff its amazing and has so many benefits and uses.
I recently used it as a deep conditioner on my hair and I couldn't believe how shiny and soft my hair looked after. If my hair could speak it would most definitely thank me for it. I left it on my hair for 2hours you can leave it on overnight but 2hours was enough for me. Then you wash it of, now I am not going to lie I did have to wash my hair 3 times to get this oil out but it was worth it. You do not condition your hair after washing because you have used the coconut oil. I wouldn't recommend on using it too much I would use it once every couple of weeks or so. I just think its lovely to put some in your hair and have a proper pamper day/night. The coconut oil is solid but when you rub it into your hand it melts and you just put it in your hair.
And you can use this as a leave in conditioner by applying a very small amount to the ends of wet hair.

Also you can use it on your skin I am yet to try it on my skin but I will! I mainly got this product because I really felt my hair needed a little pick me up. I have tried many hair masks but you cannot beat this because its natural and there are no harsh chemicals.

I love this stuff and it was only £2 from super drug such a beauty bargain!


I feel like my hair looks much softer now and I actually think its so much better to style I love this stuff and I just had to tell you all about it

Would you try coconut oil? let me know in the comments


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Worth a buy or not? Soap and glory body sprays.

Hello everyone and Happy Easter! I hope you're spending it the exact same way as me. By eating lots of chocolate!
Anyway I've had these soap and glory sprays since Christmas now so I think I have gathered a good opinion on them to write a little review for you. They all have their own different scent ranging from day to night and that's what I really love about these. I love the different range of scents. So I thought I would review them all individually for you so here goes...

This scent makes me feel very girl with the floral scent. When I first read floral I thought it was going to be this very overpowering scent, but actually its very subtle and just nice. Its really light and not too strong at all. I think this scent is perfect for day time. It also smells very fresh and clean
 as do all the soap and glory products.

This smells so much like any soap and glory body butter or shower gel. This isn't actually made as a body spray its more of a moisturiser its that light of a scent I can get away with putting it on after a bath before bed. And it makes my skin feel really soft I love it. 

This spray is for the night you would save this one more for when you're going out somewhere special. I think this has a nice scent to it definitely a scent that would stand out in a good way. I love how clean and fresh it smells and how beautiful it is.This makes me feel very girly when I wear this I love it.

Would you try these sprays? let me know in the comments

Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday notes 3.04.15

Hello everyone here is Friday's posts yay! Just a quick little post into what I have been up to today. So obviously by the picture you can tell I went to the cinemas with the picture below with my friends. We didn't plan it to well and ended up seeing any film. I haven't actually heard much about the film we chose. Sorry for the lack of quality in pictures and the lack of writing, but like I said its just a quick little update.

We chose to see while we're young.
It was ok it wasn't the best film I have ever seen but it wasn't the worst. I found it really funny in certain parts. Overall I've had a really nice day with friends!

There is a Starbucks in my local cinema so obviously I had to get one. I settled with a iced coffee frappucino because they're my favourite. So just a quick little summary and I hope you all have a lovely Easter

Let me know what you have been up to in the comments I love reading them


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How to overcome shyness!



Hello, everyone welcome back to my blog. Like I promised here is Wednesday's  post (Hurray!) Anyway I was thinking long and hard about what I should write about today, I really wanted to focus on more of a life post because I love writing them. So here is my advice on shyness I thought this was a great post to write because I know what its like and I am starting to overcome it which is great.

I used to find speaking to new people very difficult I never knew what to say and would overthink it far too much and end up not say anything. With moving classes a lot I have had to meet new people and yes it was hard at first to just go up and start talking to people, but once you start talking you feel so much better and relaxed. You can't always wait for them to come up to you, you might have to make the first move. This is a big one I have learnt, I always thought I should just let people come and speak to me. But think about it they may be the same so somebody has to speak! Take a step out of you comfort zone and just say hello. Today people who know me the most would laugh if I said I'm shy because its a totally different story when I'm with my family and friends. But if you're are dealing with shyness you can overcome it by pushing your self a little step a day. It may feel like a really scary big thing but just try, you will be shocked how much better you will feel when you overcome something.

This time last year I was the most shy person ever, and obviously I still am in new situations but because I've moved around a lot and met new people. I have started to become really good at it, like they say practice makes perfect!

Little steps to take to overcome shyness: Look approachable: if you look miserable, un happy and just like you really don't want to be where you are. Then it is obvious nobody is going to want to go up to approach you because you're not giving the right message out. People want to be around happy positive people not miserable people. 

Don't hide in the background: This is one I was famous for I always used to stay in the background and not input with things, its not because I didn't want to its because I was just very shy. But this gives a message to people that you're not bothered. It may sound silly but I used to find it very hard to be in front of cameras or hear my voice. But because I am in a media class I have to be I cant just stand in the background and not do anything. Slowly I started to get more and more involved and at first yes I am very shy/nervous about getting in front of a camera but once I get going you cant stop me!

Meet new people: Whether it be starting a class or getting to meet your friends, friends. Just start socializing more and get your self out there. This is something I have done a lot more of compared to last year and I am really glad I have because it gives you a lot more confidence In your self!

        What do you think of this post let me know in the comments I would love to hear them

                                                                            Lauren x

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