Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day out to Whitby♥

Today has been a really nice day at Whitby i think sometimes It's just nice to get out of town and go to new places and explore. I love being at the coast my favorite thing to do in the UK so i took a camera along with me to show you all what i saw and share it all with you! here are the pictures 
♥The pier is the best bit you will get the best view of Whitby and you will get some great pictures.  Took this
after having some lunch (Fish and chips obviously we are at the sea side!)

A nice little walk along the pier the sea was looking so beautiful. The sun was reflecting of it and it made it look like little glistening diamonds in the sea you had to be there to understand how beautiful it really was!

♥I kept seeing this pirate ship boat and it looked very popular the people who are steering
it are all dressed up as pirates!
♥Switching from a good quality camera to my iphone um bad move there but to say its
on a phone i don't think its turned out that bad

Have you ever been to Whitby what do you think about it let me know in the comments

Thursday, 28 August 2014

don't let body size ruin your life ♥

Society today is all about weight and size. It seems to be if your not a certain height or size your not good enough. How wrong! nobody should be judged on their weight!

Don't say to people why are you so skinny and don't say to somebody why are you overweight. As long the person is happy & healthy that's fine. You don't know what that person is going through and questions like that are only going to set them back further. How is one image portrayed as what all women should look like. So what if your curvy or thin Be happy with your body we are all different and that's how it will always be. Its upsetting to see celebs/people going through all these cosmetic procedures changing there looks its sad why cant we ever just be happy with who we are.

♥Why try and change yourself your born to be you and it should stay that way!
read my confidence post (read my confidence post here)

      Don't let society ruin your life be happy and confident



Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Meet my cats ♥

My two little cats are like my babies i love them like a child. I got my cats on November 30th and they were 9 week old they were so tiny. I love my cats so much that i had to do a complete post about them. When you get a pet they become part of your family and you give them love and care. ALWAYS make sure you really want a pet and make sure you will be willing to look after it you have to give them the attention and care they need

First ever picture i got of jasper and sooty only 9week old how cute

This is jasper. My two cats have very different personalities jasper is like  a baby
he cries for me all the time and follows me everywhere i go (hes like my shadow)
he loves to be picked up and cuddled like a little baby. All you need
to do is stick a nappy on him and there you go hes a proper baby

This is sooty. When we first got sooty he was very nervous we hardly ever saw him he used to hide
away. Now hes totally different he loves cuddles and hes very loved as are both of them.
They are very happy cats and love to play (at night) and make lots
of noise. But in the day the just sleep all the time.
I love my little cats they are now 11 month old (rough guess but im sure im right)

pets are a part of your family too
 thank you for reading

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Don't take things for granted♥

'Live each and everyday to the fullest and be great full for your life'
♥Today i really wanted to write a post all about how we as humans take a lot of things for granted and it comes across quite selfish really when you think about it.
♥We take pretty much everything for granted the things we think are just normal everyday things for us.Such as food,clean water,and a house. But when you think about the other people out there and there stories you get a shock

♥ There are people out there without a home without a family with out clean water and food. The things we take everyday for granted. We should really take this in to consideration and not take everything for granted we need to be thank full for these things

♥ When were worrying about really tiny things in life you just take a step back and think about the people in the world with those problems and then you realize how silly our problems really are

♥ When were worrying about no Wifi or no Iphone charge we sound very silly but we all do this
but we shouldn't we should be happy and thank full for the things we have in life There are people out there who would just be thank full for food and water

♥ When were little we all hate school and cant wait to leave right? But there are kids out there
who cant go to school and are out there looking after there siblings and working its so crazy to think.
We should be thankful that were getting an education and your enjoying your childhood life. There's kids out there who would love to be in your shoes.

                                                           Thank you for reading i really just wanted to get my point across
that is we should all be happy and thank full and don't take things for granted

Monday, 25 August 2014

Monochrome trend♥

The monochrome trend is a classic trend. Its great too as it goes with everything you
don't have to worry to much about jewelry and shoes because black and white goes with everything
i love this striped blazer. (looks like a humbug sweet).
I wear it with my river island jumpsuit which I'm absolutey in love with
it has a cross back which makes it even prettier.
Its great for special occasions. I was going out for a nice family meal here #selfie

I went for a very matte look on my face to make my face look flawless and conceal
any blemishes

Rimmel stay matte foundation i love this its a great foundation and makes my skin look amazing i tend to use it more
when im going out though than normal day to day as its a little heavy

Maybeline illegal length mascara i love this mascara it makes my lashes look thicker and fuller

Clinique chubby stick (Buy here)

Bobbi Brown highlighter pen (Buy here)

river island jumpsuit they
no longer do the one i have on with the cross back but i have found one close to the match

black and white blazer bought from new look but not available no more i have found another close to match
(Buy here)

Thankyou for reading let me know what you think

Sunday, 24 August 2014

day out to Scarborough & surfing♥

Today has been a very good day (early start) but i have to say i was happy to get up early. I love being at Scarborough its nice to get to the coast get some fresh air and have a change in scenery i took a few pictures of the beach and surfers. I love watching the surfers i find it  very interesting to watch. I also love taking pictures of the surfers too! Here are the pictures I've taken today:). Sometimes its just nice to get out there and explore. There is a big wide world out there and so much to do. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy each day. Its exactly what i will be doing  I've literally not stopped smiling all day today. Nobody would be able to put me in a bad mood! I love it being active and having a good time

I really enjoyed watching the surfers there really talented. I was extremely happy
with this picture. As it can be  a challenge to catch a picture quick enough of a surfer catching a

Had some lunch here the scenery was
breathtaking i just love to come and relax. It makes me so
happy and calm. I love the sound of the sea

Sat having lunch the flowers were beautiful and pretty i love the colors. The sun came out happy ,happy

Words cant even describe how great this view was 

A few surfers waiting for a wave to come.

Coming to the end of my visit to Scarborough all surfers where more a less gone now
i really enjoy having trips to the coast. I would love to live near the sea. To go to your bedroom
window in the morning and have the beautiful view of the sea:)



Friday, 22 August 2014

The tartan trend ♥

I love the tartan trend has to be one of my favourites. May be sometimes listed as  ''granddad trend'' but I guess its just one of them trends where you either love it or hate it. And I defiantly chose love. Think I'm obsessing over it! here are my top tartan picks:)
This style is perfect to toughen your look up adding a  grungy take on fashion

Add a little grunge in your life with a tartan shirt in summer I would style with shorts
in winter I would layer with a jumper and trousers (Buyhere)
These trousers are perfect for night time if you wanted to wear them for daytime
I would dress them with a black fluffy jumper
If you want to try tartan but to scared about how bold the print
is these will be great not to bright just a subtle print
A tartan scarf is essential for winter I love them
they keep you snug and warm but at the same time you look great.
They dress up any plain boring winter look
I love this cardigan its great for winter could layer under a coat
for comfort and cosyness add a bit of style to a plain look and stand out

So the traditional take on tartan Is normally red but now you
can choose from  a variety of colours I love this green colour.
Makes you stand out from the crowd and take a unique
approach to tartan. Instantly adds girlyness with the collar

Hope you enjoy this quick blog post I just wanted to share my love for tartan
let me know what you think about the whole tartan trend
thank you for reading

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bye bye company magazine:(♥

 So everybody who loves company magazine and follows them on all the social media platforms (yes like me). Will know that they have announced that October will be the last issue:(. Being a massive lover of company magazine this is bad news. Too think when we take  a trip to super markets there will no longer be a issue of company on the shelfs!. But they  aren't going away totally. They are still staying online which is such a relief but sad at the same time because its hard to think how technology is really taking over are world! all the jobs taken over a laptop. What will the future have to hold? really. Everything soon will be taken over by computers. It is  something you expect to see in films when they jump to the future. I just think magazines beat computers anyday! its nice to just sit and read  a book instead of being in front of  a screen
It just shows how technology is really dominating the world.

looking back on all my collection of company magazines:( so sad that October will be the last.
newest copy of company magazine think I've re read it about 50 time yes I'm obsessed

what do you think about all this? is it a good thing for it to go completely online or not?

another good alternative fashion magazine is look Its just as good as company (but I know it just wont live up to company magazine I guess nothing will)

thankyou for reading x x

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

review: planet spa heavenly hydration♥

So in a attempt to make my blog a little more beauty based I'm starting with a review of my favourite facial oil. Avon has a range called planet spa a cheap alternative to high end spa treatments. I've heard some good things about the range so I thought I would give it a go.

I've been struggling with dry skin on my forehead for a while now, after trying many  moisturizers  claiming to leave my skin smooth and non flaky. They just haven't lived up to the title. But I've decided to ditch the moisturisers and try a face oil.

At first I was a little scared thinking that it would leave my skin mega greasy. But it didn't at all it gave my skin a healthy glow!. it has this little pump so you can just put a few drops in your hand. I would say about 2-3 drops is enough!.

It states on the back ''this will leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated and restore moisturisation to your skin.''

directions to use: Apply in the evening after cleansing. massage a small amount onto the face and neck. 

the added Mediterranean olive oil really does the trick 5* product defiantly will be buying again 

this pump makes it great for  application 2-3 drops is just enough you will love this product if your in need of some moisture to your dry flaky skin.Hydrates skin instantly giving you a healthy beautiful glow your skin has been lacking! (buyhere) currently on offer for 2.80 bargain you cant go wrong

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to be confident♥

 When your confident you feel your best you feel on top of the world it can take some time to build it but it can be knocked so quickly. I've been dealing with confidence issues a long time now so I've kind of picked up a few tips to help myself.

Don't be worried about what people think of you! When your out and about your going to get some people who aren't so nice and look at you strange but don't think into it there just small minded people. You shouldn't judge anybody as i always say where all different. Being different is better stand out from the crowd. So what if your fashion scence isn't the same as everybody else's so what if you like to wear  unusual things. Who cares you rock it with confidence. As long as you like it that's the main thing. I seriously think that's why confidence is a big issue today as society can be really cruel and judgmental. I don't get how anybody can Judge a person when they have never met them 

Take some time to find you. Maybe you might want to change your hairstyle a little or You might want to experiment with makeup. When your looking your best you feel your best so take extra effort in your self and walk with your head held high 

Always smile. When your smiling your setting an example as a positive happy person and you will attract nice people and good friends. People will want to approach you. But if your constantly in a bad mood nobody is going to want to come near you. Try not to make it come across as a "fake smile" just be your self

Think confidently  even if something bad has happened try and think of the positive sides of it try and pick yourself back up. Confidence = success . Try to keep focused on the things you love and stay motivated you can't let things knock you 

Think of why you have confidence issues and try to resolve them.  Might help if you write it down on a piece of paper and just have a look then try and think of ways you can resolve them 

Always remember it's not just you. You are not on your own there's always somebody you can talk to you might not know it. Just remember you might think a certain person is a really confident human being  but the truth is they could just be really good at hiding it. Try talking to people you will be shocked with the similarities you share. Don't compare your  self to other people. Life is not a competition 

There will be down days where you feel a little low about your self but you have to pick your self up to move forward confidence isn't a overnight thing it does take time. When you get to the point when your feeling really down and back at square one again just sit down relax and breathe. And think about how you've got here and how it can be resolved then continue
 moving forward 

You wasn't born with confidence. Unfortunately we aren't born with it. It's just something we have to learn as we're growing up you just get more and more experience though out life and gain more skills on it in different situations 

Try a Hobbie/sport. Try something you've always wanted to do and gain skills and talent as you get better and better you start believing in your self and realizing you have got great potential and you can achieve anything when you have the right frame of mind 

I always live by this quote "positive mind positive vibes positive life" 
Thankyou for reading 

Monday, 18 August 2014

A beautiful day in clumber park♥

I've set a goal for myself to get out and explore the outdoors take in some beautiful scenery and enjoy life. So I had a beautiful , peaceful day in clumber park I enjoyed a steady bike ride round the lake.

♥a steady bike ride around the lake how can you hate this scenery it's  beautiful the weather was also amazing which made the day even better

♥beautiful sparkly lake quickly snapping pictures while enjoying the outdoors

♥This has to be my favourite picture I rode past the bridge that  overlooked this gorgeous lake I could of jumped in it was that warm

♥this bridge is  my favourite coming to the end of my walk around clumber park. Just getting up of the sofa and exploring the outdoors can make a world of a difference go from a unhappy mood to an amazing mood instantly

thank you for reading  xx

10 things i want to do♥


♥1- Be more adventurous and get outdoors take in the new scenery and enjoy it. I really enjoy being outdoors instead of being stuck in my favourite thing is to go for a nice bike ride In the woods. Its so nice to take in the fresh air

♥2- Start a new sport. I love being active and finding a new passion I used to love horse riding so I really want to start it again. Its nice to find something you love and enjoy doing.

♥3-  Walk more I rely way to much on cars and transport I want to get healthier and walk it  may take a little longer to get where I want to be but I will feel a lot better for myself

♥4-  Stay positive I recently discovered a quote that read ''positive mind positive vibes positive life'' and It really motivates me it makes so much sense!. I try not to let negative thoughts come in to my mind

♥5- Don't be so shy. I'm a very shy person and find it hard to just go up to people and start chatting but I'm  trying to take a step out of my comfort zone and I'm trying to be more outspoken and not so quiet. (once you get to know me you wont be able to shut me up HAHA)

♥6- Relax and breathe trying not to stress about things or let little  things worry me just relax and breathe deep don't panic and overthink things

♥7-  Swap tea/coffee for herbal teas. I want to treat my body like a temple and start drinking herbal teas they really help soothe and relax you

♥8-  Don't compare yourself to other people. This is a big one for me I'm really bad for comparing myself to other girls and really what is the point where all different. If we were all the same it would be so boring

♥9- Start reading more. I love writing but I don't really make much time for reading (apart from the odd magazine) I would like to get into reading proper novels.

♥10- Be happy  Everybody should be happy in there own skin and be thank full for there life live each and everyday to the fullest

                                   thank you for reading

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Why did you start a blog?♥

 ♥As you see by the title Im doing a complete post on what made me want to join the world of blogging. I've read so many blogs for years and felt very inspired by them. I've always wanted to start my own and show my own creativity and ideas just a space on the web where I can ramble on about things beauty& life related. The biggest thing that finally pushed me to start it is that I want to become a journalist and i thought this would be great experience. I want this blog to grow up with me and stay with me for many years. I've finally been motivated enough to get my blog out. It's been a long wait but Its finally here I've had lots of people pushing me into it saying that it will great. As much as I appreciate and love how people are backing me. I have to do it for my self it's something only I can do so I've gone for it I know I would only regret it If I didn't. I may only start of with hardly any followers but every blogger has to start of at zero and work there way up . And that's exactly what I'm planning on doing. I certainly will not be giving up on this so watch this space!!
 thank you for reading ♥

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

No such thing as perfect!♥

 ♥We see everyday in magazines celebrities with perfect bodies and super skinny girls yes exercise is important i totally agree with that. But the pressure these days put on girls to look 'perfect' is ridiculous. I think we should all be  happy and confident in our own skin we all have flaws course but why not embrace them! scars, strechmarks , spots there all natural things what pretty much all humans have!. With celebrities constantly being judged for what they wear or if they gain a little weight or if they don't have makeup we pick up on. I don't think anybody deserves to be judged at all its really out of order you don't know there story. These magazine with super skinny models are really fake there edited of course! nobody is perfect or flawless but with girls seeing images like that they think that's what they should look like which is sad. What happened to society not all girls need to be super thin we all come in different shapes and sizes we cant all be the same. That would be pretty boring. Be happy as yourself act confident! don't put yourself down!. And certainly don't compare your self everybody's beautiful in there own way! just embrace it
                                                                   Thank you for reading

Sunday, 10 August 2014

looking to the future & staying positive

Everyone of us has dreams we all have something we want to achieve in the future and the feeling you get when you achieve something is amazing you feel proud of yourself. When I was younger my dream was to become a pop star maybe not the most likely goal to achieve but you get my drift. I would live in my own imaginary world thinking what It would be like if I actually became a pop star. Now I'm older I obviously have proper goals. I want to become a journalist I know exactly what I need to get there so all  i need to do is stay motivated and get myself out there and achieve it. My plan is to go to college study hard and get good grades then go to university. I am determined I'm going to get what I want. I honestly believe the more you stay positive about your goals the more your going to take it seriously if your thinking uh yeah I wanna be .... but I wont be able to do it I cant its impossible! NOPE WRONG ATTITUDE you think that then that's what you will attract you will not be motivated which means you will not be pushing your self in to doing what you want to achieve. You and only you can do it yes of course it's nice to have people backing you telling you can do it but its only you who can make it happen. For example this blog I have been going on about starting one for the longest time and all I've been thinking is what if nobody likes it what if it doesn't get nowhere
well what if isn't going to get me know where I'm not going to know unless I try. If you don't do the things you want to do you will regret it big time and you will live your life forever thinking what if i had of done that...  believe in yourself and look to the future you can achieve anything!
If you put your mind to it :)
'we all have dreams but don't just dream make it happen' my cat is the cutest i know

summer daytime look ♥

♥Swing tops are perfect for the day time casual but cute I chose this from for a bargain price of 8.00

♥I would then pair the top with a kimono there so pretty and girly a great summery laid back look (buyhereNOW)

♥These acid wash jeans will go together tone down the girly look and make it look abit tougher


♥I love these heels there so feminine and chic(buyhereNOW)

♥cant forget the bag!! this messanger bag is so adorable (buyNOW)

Thank you for reading

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